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Sunday, September 19, 2010

9/19/10 Fred Meyer Deals!

Just so you know, I haven't been She-Raa of coupon world lately as I'm using up stockpiles.
HOWEVER, when I go to Freddies this week these are items that rate my BUY PRICE.

1. Santiam Canned veggies at 3 for $1.00 Includes 14.5-15.5 cans of green beans, corn, beets, or carrots (no pumpkin, shucks) You'll need the coupon from the back of the Fred Meyer grocery ad that came out in Sunday's paper.

2. Yoplait yogurt. Not free, but buy 6 at $0.50 and with a coupon from the 8/8 general mills ad or an internet printable from coupons.com, you've got $.40 cent Yoplait! (we love coffee flavor!)

3. Foster farm Fresh Chicken breasts for $0.99 /lb. I like frozen better, but I'm lazy like that.

4. Tomatoes on the vine for $0.99 per lb. (we've got lots of cherry tomatoes, but. . .)

5. Green onions and Radishes at $0.33 /lb

6. Green cabbage at $0.38/lb (ask and they'll cut one in half for you!)

7. Bulk Carrots at $0.39 /lb (beats Winco I believe)

8.Barilla Pasta $1.00. With Smart Source Coupon from 8/29 you'll get $1.00 off 2 pks of picollini or whole what pasta making total cost $0.50/package

9. Goldminer Sourdough Square $2.00 (look for day old sourdough-should be $1.00)

10. Emergen-C $7.99 for selected varieties. The type we like are $11.99, so I bought a couple.
(Last time I was a Trader Joes they had a great regular price on these).


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