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Friday, September 24, 2010

Safeway Shopping Trip

Things went a bit differently than I planned. The Clementines were green tinged and not fragrant (although I've never had bad produce from Safeway and I'm pretty sure they guarantee it).
So instead I stocked up on yogurt. . .the coffee (our favorite) was on sale for $0.50 each. . .and they advertised a $2.00 catalina on 20 yogurts. With 3, $0.40 coupons (internet prints, so not double-able) it cost $7.30, or $0.37 each. Not bad!
(The Catalina didn't print, so the manager just gave me $2.00! It's possible the sign had been left up from an earlier promotion, or that the Catalina machine just wasn't working)

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