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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Thriftway Deals 10/27-11/2/2010

Sea Best breaded seafood entrees 10 oz 2.99
-use $1.00 off any Sea best Breaded boxed product click here
(Note: don't hit back button for 2nd copy. Go back to website.)
-use Thriftway double coupon
Final Price: $1.50/box (UPDATE: Had these tonight, they were yummy)

Foster Farms Franks: Turkey or Chicken $.99
Look here for details on a $5.00 Scooby Doo Wii game rebate from Foster Farms
Hot dog buns are $1.99 here, but usually found for $1.00 or less at Fred Meyer or Winco

Jennie-O Turkey breast (Fresh Service Deli) $3.99/lb
A good deal since 8 oz of regular lunchmeat is rarely less than $2.00/package

Western Farms Bread $1.50/loaf

Various cuts of Blackwell Angus beef and Pork are BOGO Free
I'll update this with prices once I check out Thriftway myself. UPDATE: The roasts were expensive and large, and the Sirloin was $5.99/lb. Skipped these and got some london broil at Safeway for $1.99 which I'll cut into usable sized pieces and freeze for later.

Blackwell Angus Beef Lean Ground Chuck $1.88/lb (Advantage pack)

Western Family Apple Cider or Juice
$.99 first 2 with in ad coupon
(you can get 10 at Fred Meyer for this price with in ad coupon)

Martinelli Sparkling juice or Cider $1.99 (Lowest price is about $1.79)

Bananas $.44/lb

Yukon Gold or Red Potatoes $.39/lb (UPDATE: had for dinner!)

Idaho Potatoes $.99 for 5 lb bag (At Safeway it's about $1.39 for a 10 lb bag)

Mini Peeled carrots 2 lb bag for $1.99 (skipped these, I prefer true baby carrots to minis)

Yellow Onions $.39

Asparagus $1.99/lb (had for dinner!)

There seems to be a slight variation between some of the Thriftways on pricing. These were taken from the Thriftway flier distributed in Newberg, Oregon.

I think for dinner tonight I'll try:
1. Sea Best Breaded Shrimp (I'll let you know what I think.)--They were very good, but not low calorie.
2. Red Potatoes or brown rice (from Winco bulk section)
3. Steamed Asparagus
4. Salad with Blue Cheese Dressing (from Fred Meyer Sale last week)

Reading today that the cheese based dressings aren't the healthiest, so won't make blue cheese a habit I guess.
Take Care,

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