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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Amazing Wii Deal Fred Meyer Today Only

Wii games are on sale at Fred Meyers Big time! Keep in mind, the cashier at my Fred Meyer allowed for using the 10% off coupon and the Gift card Coupon both. Not sure this will work at all Freddies.

Buy 2 Wii games for $99.98
Use 10% off Wii games coupon in 2 day sale flier
Use bonus coupon for $10.00 off $50.00 purchase (same flier)
Use $25.00 gift card coupon when purchase 2 Wii games (available on Wii case at Fred Meyer)

Bottom line, 2 Wii games for $99.98
minus $9.99 (10% coupon)
minus $10.00 bonus coupon = 79.99 (this is your cash outlay for 2 Wii games)
minus $25.00 gift card
Bottom Line: Like Paying $54.99 for two, new Release, Wii Games, or $27.50 EACH (nice)
could be a dollar more depending on the order of coupon usage.

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