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Monday, November 29, 2010

Tippr Weekly Cinema Update 11/28 (Successful Refund!)

Today I checked my bank account to discover that Tippr had credited my account exactly when they said they would last week. From the day I sent my first (correctly addressed) email to the day my account was credited was only 5 days (though I did have to send a second email requesting my money back. They were originally going to give me credit as my order was over 30 days old). Despite the fact that I used one of the tickets, they refunded the entire amount AND posted a $5.00 credit in my Tippr account.
To start the refund process, email them at support@tippr.com. requesting a refund (to speed things up, include any voucher numbers or promo codes in your correspondence).


  1. I requested a Tippr refund due to being physically unable to use a deal that will be expiring in a month, and further being unable to find anyone else who wants to use it. Tippr issued a flat "it's been more than 30 days; no refund for you" reply and that's been that. I've complained to the FTC and am currently looking at how to complain to the CA Attorney General's office.

  2. Sorry about your experience. Keep in mind that my article relates to an issue that occurred almost a year ago, and in that case Tippr responded fairly graciously in a difficult situation (in which a vendor they had relied on went out of business).