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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Way Overdue Visit to the Blog!

Hi all, Way too long since I've stopped by. Still working on genealogy. Daughter's graduated and getting ready to start PCC (she's delighted about not starting her adult life by jumping into debt).
My savings plans consist of continuing to shop at WINCO, reducing shopping trips (saving on gas) and using what I buy (reducing waste). My kids are missing my couponing, but guess I'm just not ready to resume it yet. For more a reality check, listen to the radio show hosted by Dave Ramsey for some fabulous perspective on debt. I'm blessed because my husband purposed shortly after our marriage to pay off our home early. I submitted less than eagerly, but after paying our small (but adequate) home off in 15 years (and mostly on one income) , I see his wisdom.

Take Care, Lynn

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