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Monday, September 3, 2012

EBATES are for the frugal

My great frugal move this year has been to make my online purchases through ebates.com. When our range died It was a slow painful death, first the 'clean' function, then one burner, then another (along with their sockets) and finally the baking element. Anyway, when I ordered a replacement range through Sears.com I did it through Ebates, and ended up receiving over $90.00 (about 6%) which will be posted to my Paypal account in November.

Lessons on the range purchase? The drop in ranges (which we have) are SO much more expensive than the slide in or stand alone. If I ever have to replace it again I'll have someone saw away the woodwork under the oven and buy a slide in or stand alone (if the measurements work out). Huge difference in price.

UPDATE: The workers informed me that it wasn't hard at all to adjust things to put in a stand alone range, but decided to stay with the drop in anyway (it got good reviews and the husband suggested, 'just have them put in the one you picked', so taking his advice). 

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