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Monday, November 15, 2010

Tippr Weekly Cinema Mess

Final Update-Refund: Click HERE
Just wanted to put out a note warning people to carefully consider before purchasing deals from Tippr until they show themselves responsible. The two other group-buying companies, Groupon and Living Social have reportedly offered immediate cash refunds to Weekly Cinema customers. I fear Tippr has overextended itself and may not be able to absorb the Weekly Cinema loss. It seems to me that any company such as these should not take on a deal they cannot back up if push comes to shove. (Tippr has given an email address out for customers -no reply- and has given out Weekly Cinema's phone number, which is useless). I feel bad for Tippr, but worse for it's customers.

UPDATE: Tippr's one contact with the outside world, Facebook, has a small blurb HERE about contacting each individual about a solution that would be right for them. 11/23 update: click on the FrugalLynx title and scroll down to see more recent updates. Looks like they will be refunding my money!(but I had to pursue it-and I don't have it yet...) 11/26 Contact Tippr at support@tippr.com to start the refund process. If they offer credit for any reason be kind but firm, in the past they have offered a refund if coaxed a bit (though I'm still not sure refund will truly come)

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