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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

UPDATE: Celestial Seasonings tea Coupon Deal--- $0.50 at Safeway, Oct 2013

A great deal can be had on Celestial Seasoning's tea right now.  A Smart Source coupon in the Oct 6 Sunday paper for $1.00 off one box can be combined with a low WINCO price of about $2.48/box  for $1.48 or less for a box of tea.  Also, some of the boxes come with a $1.00 off 2 boxes coupon (they are inside the box), so these can be opened and used as well for stock up purposes (just reseal the box to help keep the bags fresh).  We are fans of Sleepytime and Tension Tamer. A bag of each in a cup of hot water does wonders at bed time. If you missed this opportunity keep your eyes peeled, they seem to run this promo at least once a year. (See Below for a Better Deal!)

UPDATE:   Today the price of Celestial Seasonings Tea at Safeway dropped to $2.00 a box. Since our Safeway let me  "double" the $1.00 off coupon  up to $.0.50 cents more, the result was $2.00-$1.50 off for a grand total of $0.50!! And if you are blessed enough to get a box with the $1.00 off 2 boxes coupon inside, you might even consider it FREE (but don't--it still cost you $0.50).

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