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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Playstation 4 $299 for Redcard holders at Target - Matches Black Friday Prices: EXPIRED

If anyone is considering purchasing a Playstation 4 for Christmas, Target's current prices match the Black Friday price for Red-card holders. The Star Wars Battlefront and Uncharted bundles are $349. When you add the promo code LIST, that brings it down 10%, and your redcard brings it down another 5% to $299. BE AWARE though, the Star Wars game is a digital copy that can take hours and hours (as in almost days) to download and evidently the game only comes with about half of it's total content, the rest will cost you $50 more online. PLUS Sony is charging a yearly online subscription fee of $50. The game doesn't get stellar reviews (there is no campaign)and neither does the Playstation (the Ps3 has more features), so even with the bundle it's a whole lotta money (299+50+50=399) for not much product (In my opinion).

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